Adult Trainee Electrician Route

Starting out

If you are already working in the industry but don’t have the necessary qualifications then the C&G2357 qualification is the qualification you should now be looking at. Completing it means that you can become JIB registered and get the Gold ECS card through working within the industry.

The apprentice route – for adults?

You can now qualify as an apprentice at any age.  There are financial implications between the age of 19 and 25 and these increase as you go over 25 but it is now possible to have a recognised apprenticeship past the age of 18.

To become a fully qualified electrician through the apprentice route, you need to complete all of the qualifications within the “framework” as laid out by the Sector Skills Council, the Summit Skills. To claim your framework, you need the following qualifications:

  • City and Guilds 2357 OR 5357 (including AM2)
  • Maths Functional Skills Level 2 (1)
  • English Functional Skills Level 2 (1)
  • ICT Functional Skills Level 2 (1)
  • Employers Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) (2)
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) (3)

1. Provided you have a GCSE completed at grade C an A/AS Level at grades D/E within 5 years of starting, you can be exempted from these parts of the framework. Please speak to your training provider for more in depth information.
2. Although not formally studied, evidence that you have met the criteria is needed to claim your apprenticeship.
3. Although not formally studied, evidence that you have met the criteria is needed to claim your apprenticeship.

The non-apprentice route

If you are just looking to study via a college or training provider, then you can opt to just complete the following:

At the end of the qualification, you will need to apply to the JIB for a grading card and you may be asked to supply testimony as to your electrician grading.

The alternative C&G2365/C&G2330/C&G2356 Route

Although initially given that the qualification would be closed as of April 2011, the qualification had a reprieve from the Secretary of State himself and continues to be offered by different providers. With this is mind, you can complete the following qualifications:

  • C&G2365 Level 2 Certificate in Electrotechnology
  • C&G2365 Level 3 Certificate in Electrotechnology
  • C&G2357 OR 5357 Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnology (Including the bridging units and performance units)
  • 2357-399 Electrotechnical Occupational Competence (AM2)

Once you have the qualifications, you can then apply to the JIB for an ECS Gold Card.


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