AM2 – Achievement Measurement 2 (2357-399)


Originally part of the pre-NVQ assessment required for JIB registration operated by National Electrotechnical Training (, the AM2 is an independently administered practical exam and multiple choice test that takes place at various centres across the country. It’s current format now forms the final unit of the C&G2357 qualification (2357-399) and must be completed to gain the whole qualification for JIB registration and an ECS Gold Card.

Before a student will be allowed to sit the AM2, a mandatory checklist sill be completed to ensure that the student is ready to take the test. The test lasts between 2 and 2 and a half days (16.5 hours) and there will be four distinct sections.

Section A

Fabrication has been removed entirely as it is thought to be a level 2 skill. There are also increased expectations on the students ability to think about the installation design criteria. For example, the correct choice of protective device, the selection of RCD/RCBO for relevant circuits and the correct overload setting within the DOL starter (which will be changed frequently so has to be calculated on an individual basis).

Below are some of the expectations for the student:

  • SWA termination
  • SY (Armourflex) termination
  • Data cable termination
  • Twin and CPC (2 way lighting) (
  • FP200
  • Compartmental trunking wiring
  • Tray dressing
  • DOL starter and motor circuit (starter pre-wired)
  • Overload to be set correctly according to motor rating
  • External socket (to be RCD protected)
  • CO2 detector
  • Thermostat connections
  • S Plan heating system
  • Solar panel
  • Earthing systems

Section B and C

Inspection, test and fault finding. This time, the expectation is on the student to complete a full set of BS7671 paperwork, an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC), Schedules of test results and schedule of inspection.

Section D

A 30 question multiple choice paper which will relate to the AM2, such as:

  • Health and Safety and working safely
  • Risk assessments
  • Building Regulations
  • BS7671 and methodology
  • Installation techniques
  • Control systems
  • Overload and short circuit protection
  • Inspection and testing and fault finding
  • Hand tool use and care

The pass mark for the exam is 80%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AM2 difficult?

The intention to remove the “Level 2” skills has actually made the AM2 easier than ever before. That’s not to say you should go in overly confident, and you should certainly brush up your safe isolation skills, but the majority of the task now is following wiring diagrams and wiring.

What happened to the conduit and the MIMS (Pyro)?

They were deemed to be level 2 skills and were removed from the test. Many think this has been to the detriment to the AM2 and many struggle to understand the concept of level 2 and level 3 skills.

What about the exam part?

There have been some failures on the exam, apart from a simple list, there is not much information on the content of the questions that are displayed.  It is recommended that you brush up on your health and safety, BS7671 and the Building Regulations to help you pass.

Who administers the AM2?

An organisation called NET (National Electrotechnical Training) found here:

I have heard it called the Practical Performance Assessment, what is this?

Theoretically, AM2 is a trade name owned by NET and the unit should be referred to as the PPA.  In reality, no other organisation has been allowed to create a version of the PPA by Summit Skills so there is no choice, you have to take the AM2. The question has been asked to Summit Skills many times by many people but the Government funded organisation flatly refuse anyone else being involved.



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