C&G 2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing


The 2391-52 is aimed at practising electricians who have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying or who require some update of training before going onto other City & Guilds qualifications. The qualification replaces the 2394/2395 route (that originally replaced the 2391) and offers a combined qualification covering both initial verification and periodic inspection. The qualification offers individual pathway options that cover each area, the 2391-50 for initial verification and the 2391-51 for periodic inspections.

What are the assessments?

Assessment Unit
Initial and Periodic Inspection and Testing (Practical assignment) 2391-502
Initial and Periodic  Inspection and Testing (online multiple choice test) 2391-502

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change from the 2394/2395?

The newly revised 2391 will allow for all possible pathways required for industry
such as domestic installers who only need initial verification (2391-50), apprentices and engineers who only need periodic inspection (2391-51) and practicing electricians who want both disciplines (2391-52).

Why have these new products been introduced?

The split caused some confusion to those outside of the educational world of numbers and there were issues with the JIB not understanding the pathways for grading. There was also widespread criticism around the changes. The 2391 was a highly respected qualification that only some of the best attempted, the changes watered down that message. C&G claim that the qualifications needed updating too.

What happens with the 18th edition wiring regulations?

It is expected that all materials will be updated accordingly.

Why would I do this qualification?

It is not an easy qualification to complete and shows you have the necessary knowledge to understand and interpret electrical testing on new and existing installations. It may also assist in JIB grading at a later date and put you above other applicants when applying for vacancies.