C&G 2392 Inspection and Testing, Initial Verification Level 2


This level 2 qualification was introduced as an interim qualification before the more difficult level 3 exam. Although the content is very similar, the restrictions really lie with the omission of 3 phase/line installations and the reduced practical exam that is needed to get the award.  It is still quite a good qualification, particularly if you are not a frequent tester or want to brush up on your technique before you tackle the more difficult level 3 qualifications.

Exam Breakdown

The exam consists of 50 questions to be completed within 100 minutes.

Category Number of Questions
Preparation for inspection and testing 8
Inspection 6
Testing 36


Revision List

The following items should form the mainstay of your revision time:

  • Electricity at Work Regulations
  • BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations
  • Electrical Safety
  • Regulations and Codes of Practise
  • Electrical terminology
  • Safe isolation procedures
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Relevant paperwork to the process
  • Inspection and Test sequence
  • Initial verification
  • Minor works
  • Inspection process
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Use of senses
  • Protective devices
  • RCD
  • IP ratings
  • Volt drop
  • Protective conductors
  • Ring final conductors
  • SELV
  • Insulation resistance
  • Polarity
  • Earth Electrode Resistance
  • Disconnection times
  • Earth Fault Loop Impedance
  • Prospective Fault Current
  • Correct completion of paperwork

Note: The above list is not exhaustive, we recommend working through the syllabus on the C&G website to ensure you cover all the areas.

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