Ho ho ho! The festive season is in full swing and homes across the UK are twinkling with fairy lights and Christmas cheer. But are you taking dangerous risks with your safety during the holidays? We’ve highlighted some common activities that may be putting you and your family in danger, with some simple tips to help you stay safe.

Prepare to Party!
Over 650,000 house fires have been started by electrical beauty products like hair straighteners being left switched on. And half of UK women have panicked that they have gone out and forgotten to turn straighteners off. Follow our advice – switch them off and put them away!

Deck the Halls
Christmas lights brighten up homes across the UK but can be an electrical safety risk. One in twelve people confess to leaving their Christmas lights on overnight, potentially endangering their households as lights can overheat and create a fire hazard. Give the lights a break – switch them off when you’re not there to enjoy them.

Don’t overload sockets and try to avoid the use of extension leads or adaptors – it’s easy to trip if you’re a bit too merry!

Driving Home for Christmas
Packing up and preparing a Christmas playlist for the car or train? Make sure you don’t leave your laptop or mobile device charging on the bed while you get ready to leave. Always use a hard surface and don’t overcharge your devices. And avoid charging your phone overnight or using cheap, unbranded chargers. Overcharging can cause some adaptor to become a fire risk.

Cook up a festive feast!
Nearly half of us have admitted to leaving cooking unattended – and with a house full of family and friends celebrating Christmas it’s easy to get distracted.  So, watch what you heat and don’t cook when you’ve had a few glasses of festive cheer!

New Year’s Resolutions
If you’re planning to give up smoking, e-cigarettes can help you along the way. But make sure you use the correct charger. If you use a cheap, unbranded one it may be a resolution you regret.

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