City and Guilds 2392 Inspection and Test, Initial Verification Level 2


Introduced as a progression or “interim” qualification by the City and Guilds to aid those who want to achieve the much harder C&G2391 Level 3 qualification. The qualification covers much the same content as the 2391 but is restricted to single phase supplies.  It also has a multiple choice exam (also closed book though) and a smaller final practical exam.

What are the assessments?

Assessment Unit
Closed book multi choice GOLA exam 2392-101
Practical assessment 2392-102


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a domestic installer qualification?

No, the C&G have stated that it is purely a progression qualification. Some training companies may include it as part of their program but the intention is not to replace the 2391, merely supplement it.

Do I need previous experience?

Yes although nowhere near as much as required for the 2394 and 2395 though.  It is really designed for electricians who have had limited testing experience or have been out of training for some time and want a more relaxed approach to getting the 2394 and 2395.

Is the C&G2392 really worth doing?

That really depends on you and your situation. One of the reasons for the high failure rate of the 2391 is that many students are not prepared or experienced enough to complete it.  It can be expensive and demoralising to continue to fail an exam. If you really are unsure as to whether you want to do it, then ask of yourself your current ability to test and your knowledge of Guidance Note 3.  Is it good?  Are you confident?  Can you consistently test well and understand what you are doing? Then no, go straight to the 2391.  Are you unsure?  Are you out of practise? Is your terminology bad and you don’t really know much about GN3? Do you test infrequently? Then probably yes.

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