City and Guilds 2394 Initial Verification and Certification


In 2012 the City and Guilds plan to replace the C&G2391 with two separate qualifications to coincide with the release of the first amendment. The first of the two replacements focuses on the initial verification and certification of electrical installations. It is expected to cover all the completion of the relevant documentation and the underpinning knowledge behind the process and also the practical aspects of performing the tests. The qualification will be heavily based on Guidance Note 3: Inspection and Testing published by the IET.

What are the assessments?

Assessment Unit
Underpinning knowledge (40 question multi choice exam) 2394-301
Underpinning knowledge (written exam) 2394-302
Practical assessment 2394-303


Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change from the 2391?

Under the C&G 2357, it is thought that the unit 307 will be replaced with this qualification. This means that an apprentice need only complete the C&G 2395 in the future and not repeat the same content again.

Is it a money making scheme by the colleges and training providers?

If it is, it is not something that they have asked for. Most, if not all providers were quite happy with the C&G2391 even with the low national pass rate that came with it. In industry it is certainly respected.

Is the C&G 2394 worth doing?

If you want further qualifications beyond your apprenticeship or training, then it will probably be worth having.  At the moment the JIB are asking for both the 2394 and the 2395 for Approved Electrician status.

Is the exam the same as the C&G 2395 one?

The multi choice Evolve exam is yes, however the written paper is different.

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