Full time electrical courses

Why would I study full time?

There could be a number of reasons why you would chose to do a full time course at college before you consider an apprenticeship. These could be:

  • You are unable to get an apprenticeship placement
  • You are not sure if it is the right career for you so you want a taster first
  • You want to move into a related industry, such as electrical engineering
  • You prefer a practical level 2 course rather than something like a BTEC, which is more academic in nature
  • Employers are more likely to take on apprentices at age 17 or 18 (Source: The Wolf Report) so doing a full time course will make you about the right age and more likely to get an apprenticeship
  • You want to improve your Maths and English before you apply for apprentice placements (GCSE Maths and English is currently mandatory if you do not achieve a “C” grade or or a “4” grade)

Note: We always advise, as best as possible, that you exhaust all of the apprentice options first. Whilst a full time course is useful and can be of huge benefit when looking for a placement, it is not an apprenticeship and will not qualify you as an electrician at the end of the course. There are instances when you will benefit doing the full time route over an apprentice scheme, this is the reason we have mentioned the route here.

Qualifications to get on the course

Before you start your course, you would want to consider your GCSE grades. Often for Level 2 courses, colleges are looking for good grades (A-D) in English and Maths and some may ask for a Science qualification. Most colleges will perform what is known as a ‘diagnostic’, designed to determine your level of literacy and numeracy and may offer you a place on the basis of these results.

The C&G2365 full time route is the best way to achieve full electrician status outside of an apprenticeship for school leavers and adults.

What qualifications exist?

C&G 7202 Level 1 Diploma in Electrical Installation

If your GCSE grades didn’t turn out as well as you would like yet you would still like to become an electrician, there is the opportunity to study at a lower level first and build your skills accordingly. The 7202 is a seven unit qualification designed to improve your understanding of basic electrical installation while improving your maths skills and your hand skills.

C&G 2365 Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma  in Electrical Installation

The level 2 qualification suits an individual who is working at or around GCSE grade C. It is a good and full qualification and you will learn a lot about becoming an electrician. Many colleges extend the option to study at level 3 once the level 2 has been completed.

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