Help! Where do I start?

Don’t Panic!

Over the years, the route to becoming an electrician has changed drastically and the qualifications have become convoluted and hard to interpret. Frequent governmental meddling doesn’t help the situation, with constant changes to curriculum, each promising to be better than the last but rarely moving the quality forward as expected.

The world of electrical installation and being an electrician can be difficult to understand. It is unlike the Gas Safe register for instance, you do not need to be registered to carry out electrical work although there are instances when proof of being competent is required, such as notifiable work for Building Regulations and working for certain contractors who insist on a valid trade card such as the ECS card.

You have four main options available to you:

  • The apprentice route – what you will study if you are a young student with a placement training to become an electrician
  • The adult apprentice route – as above only you will be 19+ years old
  • The adult retrainee – perhaps you have some experience or none at all and want to get your JIB ECS Gold Card?
  • The full time route – young, keen, or not sure what you want to do? Struggling to get an apprenticeship? Then look here

Hopefully this covers the main routes open at the moment and gives you an indication on what to expect. Please feel free to drop us a line on Facebook if you have any other queries.

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