Would you ride on the world’s biggest rollercoaster?

Almost 2/3 of people think it’s too risky. But forgetting to register your tumble dryer could be far more dangerous, yet two thirds of us admit we don’t register our electrical appliances!

In 2016 alone, there were 61 recall notices issued for electrical products in the UK, meaning there were millions of potentially dangerous products in UK homes. Registering an electrical product allows manufacturers to contact you directly if there’s a problem and the product needs to be recalled or modified. Without registering, millions of British people could be unwittingly putting their lives at risk if they continue to use a dangerous recalled product.

We urge you to take control of your safety and register any new electrical products at Register My Appliance, and to use our product checker tool to see if there are any hidden dangers lurking in your home.

Rollercoasters are a breeze, but an electrical fire could be deadly!

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